This Woman Right Here

me fugee laI am a passionate peace-seeker with something to say about almost everything. I spend most days helping people, all kinds of people with all kinds of things.  My smarty-arty is dipped in fight and feistiness,  and I love humans and baby anything-elses.  Quintessential bleeding heart.  My cerebral nature drives me to crave deep dialogue and feeds my addiction to my journal.  While I am not into zodiacs, I am an Aquari-Pisces, situated right on the cusp, true to form. There is a systematme squatic, analytical and structured ‘me’, and there is the flower child, hippie, daydreaming, go-with-the-flow round the way girl.  And I can get real sexy when I want to….sapiosexual, even.  Sungoddess with a hankering for swanky nail color. Laughter is my favorite medicine. Music and movement are like my air.

When I grow up, I want to be a published writer, a professor, and a sup yo

Even though I ooze eternal optimism, let’s be real about shit and hope for the best.  Give me brutal honesty anyday.  Teach me something new, challenge my thinking.

Let’s play mental Tetris.   I’m game.

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