Creative Juices

I am a closet-creator…of poems, of song, of dance, of visual and graphic things.  Jack of all trades master of none.  This poem sums up  how I feel about it.

I am art.                                                                                                                                   

There is beauty in me.                                                                

There is a masterpiece unfinished that needs to be free.

There is a song in me.

Waiting to be heard

in headphones and eardrums

but what are the words?

There is movement in me

a leg outstretched lean & long

hips roll, arms fly

but to what song?

There is passion in me

that yearns to come out

 to love, for life

but what else is it about?

There is a journey in me

to a life of “success”

to peace of mind

but what is the rest?

There are answers in me

that only I know

And the more the I travel this road

the more I grow.

I am more than art.

I am more than I know.

I am God’s canvas for a masterful show.


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